New Clovis Regional Library

The Clovis Regional Library serves over 100,000 people and circulates more than 500,000 materials each year. Nestled between homes, schools, a college, and a major business district; its well-attended special programs draw attendees from all over town. However, its current space is limited, and Clovis needs a larger facility to improve today’s services and accommodate future growth. Please help us bring a new regional library to the Clovis community by making a donation today.

New Reedley Library

Known as “The World’s Fruit Basket,” Reedley is a gem among Fresno County’s cities, and the Reedley Branch Library is a gem by itself. Just a stone’s throw away from Reedley College and near multiple public schools, the Library is a vibrant neighborhood center and gathering-place. With its active Friends of the Library group, well-attended story times and many features tailored to the city’s needs, this branch offers excellent public service despite its small space. To meet current and future demands, it needs to be expanded. If you want to assist this effort and improve Reedley and its surrounding community, please donate now.

Donate to the Library

If you want the Library to choose your generous donation’s best use, please feel free to donate here.